Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained 6/11/24: Good Morning USA

Happy Tuesday trivia nerds! Your Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained for June 11th,2024 will shine a light on a very 2000s centric quiz.

How did you do, Frank?: Missed three. Must. Do. Better.

NFL: RB Rashaad Penny totaled less than 2,000 rushing yards across five seasons after getting drafted in Round 1 by this NFC team in 2018.

Answer: Seattle Seahawks

Explained: A good workhorse back. Underrated.

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College Football: Along with being the cover athlete for EA’s NCAA Football 07, Jared Zabransky threw 58 touchdowns and rushed for 31 more at this school from 2003-2006.

Answer Boise State

Explained: The “Smurf Turf” era was crazy

MLB: This Angels third baseman totaled 181 Home Runs from 1999-2004, led the American League in Home Runs in 2001, and was the World Series MVP in 2002.

Answer: Troy Glaus

Explained: Glaus was Mike Trout before Mike Trout. The numbers weren’t as big but he was great and he got a ring.

Science: “Ni” is the symbol on the Periodic Table for this element with the Atomic Number of 28.

Answer: Nickel

Explained: I published a list of elements a couple of weeks back. Learn it. Love it.

Celebrity Mashup Answer: Jason Statham and Brad Garrett

Explained: Well designed mashup. Looks like a real person.

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Beverages: Launched by Coca-Cola in 1988, this sports drink brand is most known for its blue Mountain Berry Blast flavor.

Answer: Powerade

Explained: The beginning of the sports drink wars. Back then we thought they were healthy.

Television: After running on FOX from 2006-2014, American Dad! moved to this cable channel, where it continues to air new episodes.

Answer: TBS

Explained: My post hint of the day. The American Dad theme song is classic.

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Movies: Engaged to Katy Perry, this actor had major roles playing Legolas in the Lord of the Rings franchise and Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Answer: Orlando Bloom

Explained: Dude stars in two blockbuster franchises and gets Katy Perry. Some guys really do get all the luck.

Music: “Boy, I think about it every night and day. I’m addicted, wanna drown inside your love…” are the opening lyrics to what 2011 Black Eyed Peas song?

Answer: Just Can’t Get Enough

Explained: You might know 10 other Black Eye Peas songs and this likely isn’t one of them.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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