What’s On TV Tonight 6/11/24: Celine Dion’s Story, the Acolyte continues

Your Tuesday night TV scene will be mostly playing out over the streamers with the championship sports taking the night off. But there are still some gems out there.

NBC will lead the way with a new America’s Got Talent and Celine’s Story, which will give us some insight on the singer’s epic career and her challenges as well.

FOX is all new with Beat Shazam and The Quiz with Balls.

The CW has a new Police 24/7 and Hostage Rescue.

ABC is taking the substitute teacher route and giving us the movie “Air” followed by The $100,000 Pyramid. “Air” you’ll recall gives us the Michael Jordan shoe story and was popular on the awards circuit.

CBS is also taking the night off with reruns of FBI, FBI International, and FBI: Most Wanted.

Disney Plus will continue it’s polarizing Star Wars outing “The Acolyte”. Reviews are all over the place for this thing.

And Paramount Plus will debut it’s document “How Music Got Free”

What do you plan on watching? Let me know below.

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