July 25, 2024

Presumed Innocent: Episode 1 introduces us to the tragedy of Carolyn Polhemus

Presumed Innocent, the courtroom murder mystery that you may have gotten to know through the Harrison Ford 1990 film, has been redone on Apple TV. This time with Jake Gyllenhaal playing Rusty Sabich, the attorney caught in the cross hairs of a high profile murder.

We meet Rusty, completely at home in the Chicago suburbs, when the prosecutor’s office is shaken by the death of one of their own. Carolyn Polhemus, Rusty’s #2 with some mysteries of her own. The show immediately immerses us in the investigation to learn more about who may have killed Carolyn and what secrets Rusty himself may be hiding.

There are still politics at play. Literal politics in the form of a state attorney race in the backdrop of Carolyn’s murder.

And then there is the fact that Rusty was involved with Carolyn. He struggles with how much he prefers her as a lover over his own wife, Barbara, so much so that he can’t hold it back during therapy.

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The opener spirals out of control, when Rusty’s enemies take over the prosecutor’s office and his fingerprints turn up in Carolyn’s apartment. He loses his temper and the affair with Carolyn gets out. Including that Carolyn was pregnant at the time of the murder.

This blog is going to stick with Presumed Innocent. In addition to Gyllenhaal we got Peter Sarsgaard doing good work as Rusty’s rival Tommy. And O-T Fabenle (A Handmaid’s Tale) doing something new.

Let’s just hope that they’ve changed up somethings from the original story that captivated us all those years ago.

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