July 15, 2024

The Big Door Prize: S2 E3 “Just for Sex Weeks”

Episode three of season two of The Big Door Prize, once again offers zero lag from our previous outing with Jacob and Trina moving on to the next phase together.

Trina’s video game movie shows her trashing a “Liar” sign, and signals to her that she’s free to be anything she wants now. Jacob tries to share his movie with Trina but the Morpho says its a one player game. His attempts to video the movie are also an unsuccessful blur.

Dusty and Cass begin their time apart, and the former finds some immediate company in fellow teacher, Alice (Justine Lupe from Succession) and the two schedule a teacher meeting/dinner. Cass decides to go for a solo hotel night stay in a soft retaliation, but runs into her mom and Hana at the Cruisin Inn.

When Alice and Dusty go to dinner, they’re greeted by Giorgio who throws champagne and oysters at them, while Cass finds a party at a utility company gathering at the hotel.

The two are thrown together in an uncomfortable phone conversation when Dusty’s card is rejected at dinner. And the two start asking each other prying questions. Things are further aggravated after Alice and Dusty dine and dash.

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Meanwhile Trina and Jacob get in an argument when Jacob tries to throw out Colton’s things and Trina gets attached to a stuffed animal. Cass meets up with Hana at the inn and the two have a friendly debate about letting the Morpho run their lives.

Alice and Dusty have a great talk on the way home, but behave, ending their outing with a friendly hug.

The show ends with Sheriff Bo on patrol as he comes across Mr. Johnson, who declares he simply doesn’t want to be alone.

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