July 15, 2024

How Music Got Free: Five Take Aways from the Paramount Plus Docuseries

How Music Got Free, the docuseries released on Parmount Plus this week, is a good watch, especially if you can remember the Napster era of music where your favorite songs were illegally only a few mouse clicks away.

But those downloads caused a war in the music industry that will never be forgotten.

Here are my five take aways from the Doc:

Eminem is still really ticked: If you remember how Marshall Mathers dealt with the music piracy war, he was on the frontlines trying to protect his work. He’s still upset. The most memorable moment of the doc is when his producers explain the measures he took to send his music to partners without having it stolen.

An underpaid factory workforce in North Carolina: Confessionals from workers in the CD factor explain the profit margins from the product they produced and how they manage to sneak the music out of the buildings.

The Computer Wiz Connect: At the center of the piracy battle was Del Glover, a self taught computer expert who was able to connect with the main network of hackers who put the music on the servers.

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The industry didn’t know what to do: We hear from music executives who tried everything from education to suing young individuals, and how ineffective those measures were.

Not Pirates? Pioneers: How Music Got Free is friendly to the pirates. They get a lot of time to explain how things worked and how they were discovered. You also get to learn how common downloading the music was. So much so, that trial jurors were sure their kids were doing it.

Have you seen the Docuseries? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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