July 15, 2024

Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained 6/16/24: Brutal Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day trivia nerds. And to you dads out there, the Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained will be some much needed help, because this quiz mentally took the Playstation away and hit you with the power cord. Very tough.

How did you do, Frank? Missed four. And it could have been five. Very poorly.

Here we go!

NFL: After totaling only 1,307 rushing yards in his first three NFL seasons with New Orleans, this RB ripped off three straight 800+ yard seasons with the Jets from 2013-2015.

Answer: Chris Ivory

Explained: We remember Chris Ivory. But we don’t. Know what I mean? And 800 yards ain’t showing up on the radar.

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MLB: Jorge Soler led the American League with 48 Home Runs in 2019 while playing for this 59-win AL Central team.

Answer: Kansas City Royals

Explained: Not for the casuals. This one.

NHL: This Eastern Conference team won back-to-back Stanley Cups with two different Head Coaches, defeating the North Stars in 1991 and the Blackhawks in 1992.

Answer: Pittsburgh Penguins

Explained: Those were some great Pittsburgh teams with legends we still talk about today.

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Retail and Shopping: Originally signed to Nike, Stephen Curry signed a partnership deal with this sportswear company in 2013, where he acts as the face of their footwear line.

Answer: Under Armour

Explain: I was a day one Under Armour guy. Had a top in every color. I miss the old me.

Celebrity Mashup Answer: Octavia Spencer and Samuel L. Jackson

Explained: We know Samuel L’s hat. We don’t all know Ma’s face.

Chain Restaurants: Appearing in multiple ads, Danny DeVito has been a spokesman for this sandwich chain since 2022.

Answer: Jersey Mike’s

Explained: Not to be confused with Brad Garrett and Jimmy John’s

Television: While The Walking Dead dominated ratings, this zombie horror series starring Kelita Smith & DJ Qualls ran on SyFy from 2014-2019.

Answer: Z Nation

Explained: Look at the low correct rate for this question. Sheesh!

Movies: Grossing over $200 million worldwide, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito played brothers in this 1988 buddy comedy featuring Kelly Preston.

Answer: Twins

Explained: RIP Kelly Preston. Good movie.

Music: Featuring Ashanti, what rapped released the 2002 hit song “What’s Luv?”

Answer: Fat Joe

Explained: Some of you spent 20 minutes trying to type Joe Crack The Don. Didn’t you?

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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