July 24, 2024

Chopper Cops: Docuseries is a great watch for Orlando viewers

Chopper Cops premiered this week on Paramount Plus, and the eight part docuseries that chronicles the work of the Marion County Sheriff’s aviation unit is impressive, with some excellent visuals and some tense story telling.

But if you’re from Central Florida, or specifically Orlando or Tampa, the closest major media markets to the action, then you should definitely make it a point to watch.

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This writer grew up in Orlando and drove through much of the turf where the action takes place. This will be a “home game” for anyone from the area.

No one will have a better understanding of what these cops are going through as they trek through the Ocala national forest, chase suspects along I-75, and also work in areas like Lake and Putnam county.

It’s also not about the cops in the air. They also talk to law enforcement officers in the cars and on foot. You’ll get interviews with a lot of the sheriffs that you vote for every election.

And the news footage is also primarily from the Orlando news stations. These are all stories you may have followed when they were originally occurring.

Yeah, we’ve seen police shows in Central Florida before. It feels like every other episode of Cops took place in Brevard County, but this is also a very well done docuseries. The infared camera shots are cool and there is some daytime footage that is impressive as well.

This is very much a Central Florida show, and you’ll see something familiar at every turn.

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