July 24, 2024

Taylor Swift vs Scooter Braun Bad Blood docuseries offers both sides of feud

Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun: Bad Blood, drops this week on Max, and the docuseries that aims to inform from both sides of the $300 million dollar fight over the masters of the world’s biggest pop star, gives opinions from both sides a chance to deliver their side of the story.

The two episode series is cleverly titled in separate parts..

Taylor’s Version:


We began with Taylor’s side of the story, with her advocates explaining her role as “the world’s best friend” who built her empire in the tradition of The Beatles and Bob Dylan, while facing scrutiny over her dating life and the misogny of the music industry.

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Then we bounce off of the Kanye West stage rushing incident which served as the venom of her feud with Braun, who eventually went on to represent Kanye while he sexualized her in a music video and song lyrics.

The episode closes with allies explaining that Swift never had a fair chance to buy her master recordings, and worse, Braun benefiting a fortune from her work after standing with her enemies.

Scooter’s Version:

Braun’s advocates take a much more legally based position in the dispute when it’s time for the other side of the story to be explained, which kicks off with the Swiftie army issuing death threats to Braun during the controversy.

“Fair and Square” and “Completely Sound”, are the power phrases pushed in the background, while we learn more about Braun who wanted to be a big brother to many of his clients including Justin Beiber.

Next, Scooter’s confessionals point to the money made by Scott Swift from the deal, and accuse Swift herself of introducing victim hood and changing narratives, while pointing to her history of feuds with other celebrities such as Katy Perry. They reframe the relationship with Kanye West with Swift trying to capitalize from it all.

They also introduce Braun’s humanitarian efforts with other artists. Braun’s strongest voice is his own, with sound pulled from an old MSNBC video.

Frank’s Version:


This is a good docuseries. Going into the viewing I was on Taylor’s side. Her property was taken by someone who empowered another celebrity who hurt her.

And I’m still on Taylor’s side in this dispute. Probably more so.

Because of the basis of the argument the docuseries takes against Swift.

This is a dispute over profiting over someone’s hardwork. Braun’s allies would have been better off leaning off the legal argument. The law is the law, and you should work to change laws you don’t like.

Instead, they accuse Swift of shifting narratives and point to the Katy Perry feud, which was settled years ago. They accuse her of turning women against women in the “Bad Blood” video…, by turning her against a woman. Braun’s disaster assistance efforts, which were heartfelt, feel opportunistic when introduced here.

Ultimately, the doc declares them both winners financially. And I know that’s right.

Watch it and decide for yourself. Let me know your opinion in the comments.

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