July 24, 2024

Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained 6/23/24: “Sew Myself Shut”

It is Sunday trivia goofs! And we sleep in before tackling our Dozen Daily Trivia challenge with a day off in front of us. Your Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained will give you a parachute should you need rescue from the free fall of a red grid.

How did you do, Frank?: Missed two. The perfect eludes me.

Here we go!

NFL: 5’8 WR Cole Beasley totaled over 300 receptions while playing for this NFC team from 2012-2018.

Answer: Dallas Cowboys

Explained: Many of you will have put the Buffalo Bills, but he was in the Big D before hand.

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MLB: A 4x All-Star, this primary second baseman played for the Twins and Yankees from 1991-2001, but saw his career derailed by a sudden inability to make accurate throws defensively.

Answer: Chuck Knoblauch

Explained: Best batting stance ever. When he got the “yips” it threw us all off.

College Basketball: Before winning a title with the Celtics, Payton Pritchard played at this Pac-12 school from 2016-2020, where he was an All-American.

Answer: Oregon

Explained: Pac 12 protocol. Guess USC or Oregon if you don’t know

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Geography: After Mississippi, what is the least populated U.S. state that shares a border with Tennessee?

Answer: Arkansas

Explained: If you put Kentucky, the good news is that you’ll only make that mistake once.

Celebrity Mash Up Answer: Kevin Costner and Zac Efron

Explained: Don’t know why they used a picture with a mustache. That threw many off.

Chain Restaurants: While it discontinued the Asiago Ranch Burger, the Asiago Chicken Club has been on this major fast food chain’s menu since 2011.

Answer: Wendy’s

Explained: Wendy’s chicken sandwiches have been good for decades.

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Television: From 2014-2019, this CW romantic dramedy followed a woman who gets acidentally artificially inseminated by her gynecologist.

Answer: Jane The Virgin

Explained: People liked this show. Too bad they didn’t follow Gina Rodriguez to “Not Dead Yet”.

Movies: Following Signs, M. Night Shyamalan directed this 2004 period thriller starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Joaquin Phoenix, and Adrien Brody.

Answer: The Village

Explained: Ah yes, the movie where we learned that Shyamalan twists weren’t always going to traumatize us. He went on something of a cold streak after this.

Music: “I tear my heart open—I sew myself shut. And my weakness is that I care too much…” are the opening lyrics to what 2004 Papa Roach song?

Answer: Scars

Explained: We take for granted how good we had it. They don’t make self reflecting power jams like this anymore.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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