July 24, 2024

Morning Social Media Trends 6/27/24: Debate Night, Jennifer Ashton, Bronny James

Your Thursday morning trends for June 27th, 2024, are mostly revolving around the big debate tonight between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Although there are some kind TV goodbyes, and NBA draft buzz floating around on social media too.

Fight Night: Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump

The first general election debate, between Joe Biden and Donald Trump will take place tonight in Atlanta, at 9pm est. The event will be televised on CNN with networks everywhere also picking it up. This is the earliest general election debate we’ve had if you’re looking at the calendar and it’s a safe bet, it will dominate the trends today.

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Farewell Dr. Jennifer Ashton

Good Morning America is saying good bye to their health correspondent, Dr. Jennifer Ashton. Ashton, who is also featured in other programming on the network, was given the full ceremony and fan fare with the entire GMA talent lined up and a full video tribute.

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Bronny James not selected on NBA draft broadcast:

On the other end of the spectrum social media noted that Bronny James, son of LeBron James went undrafted on prime time coverage of the NBA draft last night. The younger James was not expected to be drafted during the show and still have a few routes to get into the league if not selected by a team.

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