July 15, 2024

The Boys: “Butcher is imagining Joe” theories pick up steam

Episode 5 of season 4 of The Boys gave our Joe Kessler truthers some more fuel to their fire. Specifically, that the character being wonderfully played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan isn’t real.

The key moment comes in the final scene of the show, when Butcher goes into the barn and we see Sameer laying on the floor, chained up, after getting his leg chopped off to fool Victoria Neuman into thinking he was dead.

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We see Butcher explaining his plan to produce more of the supe killing virus to Sameer using the word “we” while nodding to Joe. Sameer looks in the direction and appears confused.

Confused like he’s having a conversation with a crazy person who is seeing people that don’t exist. In this case Joe Kessler.

This makes it quite possible that Joe is an illusion in Butcher’s head, just like his dead wife.

We call this “Sixth Sense” rule.

You remember the 1999 Bruce Willis film and the twist involved there. We spent the entire film believing someone was there when they really weren’t.

The tell tale sign is whether a third person acknowledges the hallucination in question. No one up to this point has acknowledged Joe. And we already know Barbara is dead.

There were many who believed that Hughie’s mom could have also been a hallucination because Hughie also took Temp V last season. We know that’s not true because his mom had been interacting with hospital staff, and you saw the emotionally painful experience we had with Hughie’s dad this week.

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Unless, they change course on Joe in a hurry, it’s possible he’s a hallucination that is all in Butcher’s head.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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