July 15, 2024

The Bear: S3 E2 “Next” including that brilliant Richie vs. Carmy dialog

“Next” or episode two of season 3 of “The Bear” features what I love about television as a writer. Brilliant and snappy dialog. In this episode we see Carmy and Richie go at it following they’re fight from the season 2 finale and this whole argument is just beautiful. Carmy is standing firm. And Richie, is bringing that “Ever” swagger to “The Bear”.

Richie: (to Syd) “Would you ask Chef Carmen what the f*** he did with my tables out front?”

Carmen: (also to Syd) “Chef Syd, would you please tell Richard (lol) that I thought would set him up for success and arrange his tables in a more efficient pattern.

Richie: “Is that what you did?”

Carmy: “Yes. That’s what I did. It was really funny. I walked in and it was so strange that. It looked like the person who had done it previously had never left the city of Chicago.”

Richie: “You can leave the city of Chicago out of this”

Carmy; “Zero flow. No efficiency. Looked like s***. So, I thought I’d give you a hand.”

Richie: “Chef Syd, would you tell Chef Carmen that I can give him a f******* hand if he wants?”

Carmy; “He wants to give me a f***** hand?”

Richie: “I’ll give you a f***** hand.

Syd: “I just might suggest that the both of you stop because I don’t like this at all.

Richie: “It’s fine. Chef Carmen uses power phrases cause he’s a baby replicant who’s not self actualized” (lol). Which is maybe why he repeatedly referred to me as a loser.”

Carmen: “Richie I apologize.”

Richie: “No, it’s all good, I don’t need your apology. I know how you feel now. Also I respect your honesty and bravery from inside a locked vault.

Carmy; “In matter of fact. Chef Sydney. I don’t remember Richard apologizing for all of the s*** he was literally screaming at me”

(shouting continues)
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Syd: “Natalie, I could use a little help here.”

Richie: “You know what? I’m keeping our s*** separate from this s***. Like a goddamn G. Out there. That’s my dojo. And fear does not exist in my dojo. S*** gets rearranged without my approval or consent and it creates an environment of fear. And fear does not exist in my dojo. ” (Cobra Kai quote there).

Carmy: “Richard. I added more two tops because all of those f***** four tops were nonsense. Okay?”

Richie: “You added the four tops in the first place”

Carmy: “I moved the flowers because Jesus Christ that was a lot of flowers. And I can’t keep apologizing.”

Richie: “Those flowers were elegant as s***!”

Carmy: “And you’re screaming”

Richie: “That’s f***** rich.”

Carmy; “Is it? Is it f****** rich, Richard.”

Richie: “You want to get the f*** out of my face, Carmen?”

Syd: “Can you both, shut the f*** up please!”

Richie “Sorry Syd. Sorry, just textbook sublimation. You seen it once, you’ve seen it a thousand times”

Syd: “I actually don’t know what the f*** to do right now. (lights flicker) Oh my God. Am I finally having a f***** stroke?”

Natalie: “Oh my god can you please stop yelling for ten f****** minutes?” (lights flicker again) “Am I having a f****** stroke?”

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Richie: “Lights are acting up. Faks are on the way. That’s plural.”

Natalie: “How many Faks?

Richie: “At least two, less than five.”

Natalie: “Tremendous.”

Syd: “How many are there?”

Richie: “Eight or nine. I always forget about Avery.”

Syd: “Christ almighty. Okay, Richie, here is what we’re going to do. You got a problem. You got a question. You talk to me.”

Carmy: “Good”

Richie: “I’ve got a question.”

Syd: “Yes, Richie”

Richie: (pointing to list of non negotiables) “What’s this a**?”

Carmy: “Those are non negotiables. Are you not familiar with that phrase? Says it right on top of the page.”

Syd; “Stop. You. Nothing from you. Richie. These are non negotiables.”

Carmy: “I can sense the sarcasm.’

Syd: “No, no, no, no, no sarcasm. Snark. Contempt even.”

Richie: “Chef Sydney, follow up question. What the f*** are non negotiables?”

Syd: “Richie. I wish I could tell you. They are on the page. You can read them for yourself.”

Richie: “Mmmhmm, You know I gotta say that some of these suggestions, I would have suggested. But when it does come to something like vibrant collaboration, I mean that can get f****. Right?”

Carmy: “No, you can get f****.”

Richie: “No, no, no, you get f****.

(this goes on for about five seconds and in closing)

Richie: “I insist that you get f**** my good man.”

Syd: “You both can get f****. I would love to keep working”

Richie: “Also, when I see ‘change menu everyday’ I mean for a lack of better words, it demented.”

Carmy: “They are non negotiables. They are not to be negotiated.”

Richie: “I’m already negotiating that half of these are complete bull****”

Carmy: “Sorry, I forgot that you worked at a three star restaurant for ten minutes” (ouch!)

Richie: “Hear that? Thought experiment. What if I changed the beef sandwich everyday?. What the f*** would happen then?”

Carmy: “It probably would have gotten better.”

Syd: “Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.”

There is an endgame. Carmy wants a star. And it brings up a serious question over whether he can get it or not. It’s great dialog and a reason why this show is doing so well.

What was your favorite line in that mess? Let me know in the comments?

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