July 15, 2024

The Bear: Yes, Orwellian Butter is a thing and here’s why

One of the most memorable parts of “Doors” or episode 3 of season 3 of “The Bear” is Cicero slamming Carmy in the kitchen about getting a bill for butter in the amount of over $11,000.

“I have a bill in my hands for $11,268 for butter.” begins Cicero. “Buddy, what is it? The f**** rare Transylvanian five t**** goat? We cannot f***** keep this up.”

“It’s Orwellian.” responds Carmy.

“It’s dystopian butter?” hilariously fires back.

Carmy elaborates that it’s from Orwell, Vermont and that it’s “the best”.

And wouldn’t you know it? It’s a real thing. And it’s really expensive.

About $60 a pound (story HERE).

It’s small batch, European style butter, that goes through extra processes by farmers who really, really care about making a good product.

It’s not Orwellian butter. But if you need butter, you can buy some on Amazon HERE

And you don’t have to be a chef or even that disciplined in the culinary arts to understand that butter plays a major part in your cooking.

Maybe Cicero should indeed send them $20 grand.

Just another part of what was an excellent episode of “The Bear” that builds more fans in the kitchen as well as on streaming television.

What do you think? How much would you pay for your butter? Do these ingredients really make a difference? Let me know in the comments.

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