July 24, 2024

RIP Martin Mull: Here is The Best of Gene Parmesan from Arrested Development

The television industry lost comedian Martin Mull this week. He was 80 years old. The actor, who appeared in many countless specials was one of the best of his era. He was great on television, which included Sabrina The Teenaged Witch.

But if you’re here, you loved him in Arrested Development. I know I did.

Mull played Gene Parmesan, private eye, on one of the greatest television comedies of our time. He would often wear ridiculous disguises and reveal himself to Lucille Bluth, who would laugh and cheer afterwards. Parmesan did very little actual detective work.

But we enjoyed his comedy. Sadly, we lost Jessica Walter a couple of years back as well.

Here are some of The Best of Gene Parmesan videos I could find from Arrested Development…

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Rest In Peace Mr. Mull

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