July 25, 2024

Saturday Morning Trends 6/29/24: Beryl strengthening, Smackdown fallout, Martin Mull RIP

Social Media and search engine trends for Saturday, June 29th, 2024 are more active than usual with eyes on the Caribbean for severe weather, television wrestling eyeballs making noise, and saying goodbye to a comedy star

Tropical Storm Beryl gets stronger:

TS Beryl could become a hurricane in the coming days, as it reaches the Caribbean potentially effecting several of the islands out there. It could become a high end category 2 hurricane, which can then go north or south depending on which models you follow.

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The new Bloodline turns on Paul Heyman as Smackdown closes: Wrestling fans observing the end of Smackdown last night had a lot to say about the Solo Sikoa bloodline putting the “wiseman” Paul Heyman through a table. The show, which also featured an opening showdown of The Bloodline against Cody Rhodes, Kevin Owens, and Randy Orton, had to be broken up by the NYPD. And if the sold out Madison Square Garden show wasn’t already busy enough, we had Tyrese Haliburton of the Indiana Pacers face off with recently acquired Knicks star Mikal Bridges in a crossover of the two major sports.

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Farewell Martin Mull:

The comedian who appeared on many shows and specials throughout the decade passed away this week. He was 80 years old.

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