July 24, 2024

The Bear: Season 3 finale subtly references “Salt Bae”

The season 3 finale of The Bear throws a lot at the fans. We have the funeral of “Ever”. We have Carmy confronting his Chef David Fales (Joel Mchale) boogeyman in a cathartic scene, and we have a post funeral rager at Sydney’s apartment.

And if you’re paying attention, you can watch Academy Award Winner, Olivia, Colman imitating celebrity chef “Salt Bae”.

That is correct. We watch Chef Andrea Terry (her full name) making frozen waffles and pizza with Sydney, when she tries to sprinkle some topping on to the food the way Salt Bae salts his meat in his internet videos.

“What the f*** is that? It just goes into your arm.” Chef Terry says.

You’ll recall the late 2010s when the Turkish chef became social media famous by preparing his large cuts and then sprinkling salt on the meat as sort of a finishing move when he’s cooking.

It’s a funny moment before things take a much more serious turn.

A couple of shots later, we see Sydney start to experience a nervous breakdown at the possibility of having to leave Carmy and “The Bear” for the new restaurant Adam Shapiro is opening up after the closing of Ever.

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We then see Carmy leaving the party to realize that his phone has been blowing up, and the Chicago Tribune has published the high stakes review that holds the fate of the restaurant in it’s hands. We see several calls from Cicero and Computer, and watch Carmy breath out an f bomb before the season ends.

What did you think of the Salt Bae reference? Did you enjoy Olivia Colman returning to The Bear? Let me know in the comments.

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