July 15, 2024

The Bear: Looking at Carmy’s phone during the S3 cliffhanger

The season 3 finale of The Bear left us with a cliffhanger. A real “To Be Continued”, literal speeding train of a conclusion, that leaves the fate of the restaurant up in the air until they can manage to bring this talented and under demand cast together again to finish this story.

Let’s break down that ending and take a better look at that phone.

We see Carmy leaving that post Ever funeral rager, and as he rolls onto the sidewalk, his phone goes off. And this is when a lot of information is being thrown at us in a very short amount of time.

On Carmy’s phone we see..

A Google alert with the actual review included.

Four missed calls from Cicero.
Three missed calls from Computer.
And two text messages from Computer.

He scans the review and we see these words..

Carmen Berzatto

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Carmy looks up at the sky, overwhelmed and exhausted and gives us an f bomb to take us into the credits.

Let’s look at what we know.

Carmy’s expression isn’t one of celebration but it’s also not one of defeat. This blends in with the words that we’re given.

Cicero could be calling for a number of reasons. But four missed calls is urgency. He didn’t text, meaning what he has to say is too important.

The real telling sign might be the calls and text messages from Computer. He’s brutally critical. He’s the money guy. If things were terrific, then he wouldn’t be calling. But he also has urgent news for Carmy.

We’ll just have to wait. We’ll probably learned what happened during the trailers of the fourth season. If they can wrangle these actors from other major projects anytime soon.

What did you think of the cliffhanger. Let me know in the comments.

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