July 24, 2024

The Bear: This is what PPH means in “Ice Chips”

Episode eight of season three of The Bear is a two person acting clinic between the incomparable Jamie Lee Curtis, and Abby Elliott who was my MVP for this season. “Ice Chips” does an excellent job examining the complicated relationships that can exist between a mother and her children. Watch last season’s “Fishes” for more on that.

But in this episode when Natalie is discussing her options with the doctor, we hear another woman scream and the nurses shouting orders.

“PPH!” they say. What does that mean?

It means Postpartum Hemorrhage or excessive/heavy bleeding after childbirth caused by internal tearing. When they’re calling for the cart, they’re calling for tools that can stop the bleeding.

When we hear PPH during “Ice Chips” most of us are already stressing out seeing poor Natalie having to go through this. And The Bear and Jamie Lee Curtis do such a terrific job amping up the tension here.

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We want to blow up at Donna but we know she means well. And then to make things even more complicated, she starts to become useful. One second we’re shouting at her for comparing Natalie’s rear to her dad’s and the next, we’re shouting “hee, hee, hee” right along with her.

Then Pete finally walks in while they’re listening to “Baby, I love you” by The Ronettes and Donna walks off understanding that she helped her daughter today.

Many of us thought she would walk off alone and we’d see the credits. But they showed her being comforted by the Faks. Some ice chips for our emotions I suppose.

What did you think of “Ice Chips”? Let me know in the comments.

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