July 24, 2024

My Lady Jane: Yes, Guildford is what you think he is

My Lady Jane is off to a fast start, as the tale that remixes history like “The Great” with a dash of shapeshifters ala “Twilight” and “True Blood”, gives us our title character in an arranged marriage amidst a “House of the Dragon” ish conspiracy to take out the king.

But let’s talk about Jane’s husband Guildford.

The show did a brilliant with the wedding scene in the premiere making us think Jane’s husband was someone he’s not.

Well sister (or brother) you ain’t seen nothing yet.

We learn in the second episode that Guildford is a horse.

More specifically, an Ethian. The same kind of shapeshifter that her friend Susannah is (but she turns into a hawk) but you know, a steed.

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We learn this when Jane stumbles upon him showering in the barn just before sunrise, when he warns her and just morphs.

Then our sleazy father in law comes in to explain his son’s condition and explains that the two should honeymoon out in the country.

So Mary ties her husband to the back of the wagon (why he doesn’t pull it, I don’t know). And during their journey, a bum tries to rob them but horse Guildford scares him away, and the bum promptly turns into a goat when he runs away.

When Guildford returns to his human self, Jane promises to cure him.

In closing, I mention that this show is a lot like The Great. The running joke on that show was that Catherine the Great was intimate with horses.

Before this series is over Jane probably will be intimate with a human that can turn into a horse. Just like her friend Susannah is intimate with a man that can turn into a cat (Extraordinary) but that’s a whole other post (which I wrote HERE).

What do you think of My Lady Jane so far? Let me know in the comments.

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