July 24, 2024

Presumed Innocent: Exploding Heads and Tommy’s opening statement

Presumed Innocent was back this week on Apple TV, and while the episode was titled “Pregame”, as both sides of the Rusty Sabich case prepared for the murder case that was getting national attention, with the slaying of Carolyn Polhemus resembling the OJ trial at this point.

Tommy Molto gets the prosecution on the board early:
And the episode could have also been titled “kickoff” because the trial actually does get started. And boy, did Tommy hit an early home run with that opening statement. He was on the brink of tears as he told the jury that he knew Carolyn Polhemus, a mother and a coworker who had “hope for justice”. He then flashed a picture of a dead Carolyn from the murder scene when she was tied up. He did such a good job the jury was visibly shaken and Rusty ended the ep with an f bomb. Tommy was creeping on Carolyn’s photos at the beginning of the episode and some even have him as a suspect. But you could also just believe that he hates Rusty more than anything with a blind rage fueled by jealousy. They will have to explain that before the show wraps. You don’t hate someone like that without a reason.

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Raymond’s nightmare:
And now, let’s go to the defense, where Raymond’s head exploded. Seriously, in a frightening nightmare sequence that made me flinch as it happened early in the show. I could have swore Victoria Neuman from “The Boys” was in the next room. Freaky stuff.

Excellent episode. What did you think of Tommy and Rusty this week? Let me know in the comments.

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