July 15, 2024

Presumed Innocent: Let’s talk about Barbara and the Bartender

Presumed Innocent gave us a lot to talk about this week. But the question you’re here to find out is if Barbara Sabich, the embattled wife of Rusty, hooked up with the bartender.

In the episode “Pregame” Barbara kisses Clifton the Bartender after a couple of weeks of flirting but hasn’t slept with him…yet. If she hooks up with him in a future episode, I’ll update this post.

But Barbara, who in the episode before had make up sex with Rusty, right before the alternative suspect in the Carolyn Polhemus case came to their house to cause problems, finally had enough and called Clifton.

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They met in this beautifully lit room with floating images and the bartender, who despite the fact he knew he was about to kiss a married woman, asked Barbara to make the first move.

Then Barbara went to therapy and told her psychiatrist that the whole thing was cathartic.

It may be up to your own personal philosophy whether you want to blame her or not.

But Barbara defenders would probably cite the fact that Rusty didn’t just kiss Carolyn Polhemus, or even just have a one night stand with his coworker. He had a full out affair, and had feeling for the woman he’s suspected of brutally slaying.

So, a kiss in that regard might not be so bad. But then again you may not believe two wrongs make a right. It’s complicated.

And fans of the original story understand that there is a lot more Barbara to come our way. Ruth Neega is crushing this part.

What do you think? Was Barbara right to do this? Or is cheating, cheating? Let me know in the comments.

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