July 25, 2024

Land Of Women: A slew of tie-ins and notes after Chapter 3

It’s strange. I feel bad because for the second straight week, I’m going to be talking about other TV shows on a Land of Women post, but I can reassure you that the show is still doing just fine with me. We’re getting a charming Eva Longoria vehicle which is what we were promised.

But let’s talk about a couple of things.

This show had me missing “Drops Of God” after Chapter 3: Yes, Land Of Women shares ties with another Apple TV show. The superb “Drops Of God” which is getting a second season. Both shows are multi lingual. Drops Of God actually features three languages in English, French, and Japanese, and both of them are attacking the subject of wine.

And Yes, both shows now feature a male romantic lead who is spoken for when meeting the main protagonist.

It’s not a dig but something to note for sure.

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Gala’s Spanish: In chapter 3, the women of the La Muga co-op have a hard time understanding Gala. I know firsthand what this is like. Spanish is a different dialect heavy language. And Gala has spent time in Mexico and New York before coming back to proper Spanish Spain. The occasional confusion checks out. Believe me. I’ve dealt with it.

The Two Robert Singers: The name Robert Singer was thrown out in this week’s episode and it screamed familiar to me. That’s because Land Of Women is the second show to use the name this week. While Robert Singer is a wine mogul here. On “The Boys” he’s the standing President.

What did you think of Land of Women this week? Let me know in the comments.

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