July 23, 2024

The Boys: Show pulled a “Grey’s Anatomy” twist with Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Many of you suspected it. And it turned out to be true.

This week’s episode of “The Boys” titled “Dirty Business” revealed Joe Kessler to be a hallucination in the mind of Billy Butcher. A symptom of his terminal tumor as the effects of the Temp V he took from last season continue to take it’s toll.

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The whole thing is brought to life when we get a three way argument in the final scene of the show when Butcher, Kessler, and his departed wife, Becca, are all arguing over whether to pursue a virus that will kill every super powered being on the planet. A separate shot illustrates it’s just Butcher arguing with himself in front of a terrified and one legged Samir.

Of course, fans of Jeffrey Dean Morgan understand that he’s done the whole hallucination of a dead character before.

In one of the early seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, Morgan plays Denny Duqette, a patient who captures the heart of Izzie Stevens (played by Katherine Heigl) while his own heart fails. He eventually dies but the trauma stays with Izzie for the remainder of her character’s time on the show.

It doesn’t look like this iteration of a Jeffrey Dean Morgan hallucination will be that friendly this time around.

In fact, it looks like Joe Kessler can be almost an alter ego to Billy Butcher ala Venom and Eddie Brock in the Marvel Universe. He announces that he was the one who killed Ezekiel during the fight in an early episode of the season when Butcher blacked out.

What did you think of the twist? Do you watch both The Boys and Grey’s Anatomy? Let me hear from you in the comments.

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