July 23, 2024

The Boys: Vought releases special announcement for WWE Money in the Bank

WWE Money in the Bank took place in Toronto on Saturday night, and the chief sponsor was “The Boys” on Prime Video. As the super hero show continues it’s memorable penultimate season, there are few partners that offer as much of a crossover audience as World Wrestling Entertainment.

In addition to having the Money in the Bank briefcase stamped with the Vought International logo, we were treated to a special announcement from Vought CEO Ashley Barrett. Barrett conceded both the greatness of Vought Superhero Homelander and the WWE, while jabbing that everyone already knew this unless they were living under a rock, or in Canada, where the event took place.

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For the uninitiated, Money In The Bank is a WWE event where six competitors have to climb a ladder and capture a briefcase with a contract. This contract allows its owner to “cash in” on a title shot on any champion at any time of their choosing. Right before Ashley’s announcement, Drew McIntyre, who really does resemble a super hero in his own right, was the winner of the Men’s Money in the Bank match. The ladies match is scheduled for later in the evening.

To the WWE fans that may not watch The Boys, the show is a satirical presentation of what the world might be like if superheroes really existed. Many of them are corrupt and controlled by corporations. And they have the same vices that regular humans have such as drugs and sex. The main story features Homelander, a Superman like figure attempting to control humanity as Billy Butcher and “The Boys” try to prevent him from destroying it. It’s certainly for an adult audience.

This blog covers both. And I can’t recommend both enough.

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