July 15, 2024

What’s On TV Tonight 7/8/24: Bachelorette returns, new All Americans

The Bachelorette has returned and for the first time in months, free television will offer a conversation starter that hasn’t involved championship sports.

Indeed, The Bachelorette will begin a new season on ABC with our latest title star, Jenn Tran on the hunt for love among of group of guys that will no doubt be throwing themselves into traffic for the Wisconsin native (where this blog was born). A rerun of 911 will follow. And of course this blog will cover the show from top to bottom.

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Also brand new is the green brand, with the CW offering new episodes of All American and All American Homecoming. As the network continues retooling, the All American franchise is one of the last standing from the old strain of programming.

NBC offers some new programming with a brand new American Ninja Warrior, a rerun of Password, and a new The Wall.

FOX will offer a rerun of Name That Tune and a new ep of The 1% club, as their gameshow kick continues.

CBS continues their summer hibernation with reruns of The Neighborhood, NCIS and NCIS: Hawaii.

On cable Monday Night RAW will kick off the aftermath to a chaotic Money In The Bank that saw Damian Priest retain amidst a cash in from Drew McIntyre and interference from CM Punk which also irked Seth Rollins. It should be a lot of fun to watch.

What will you be watching tonight? Let me know in the comments.

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