July 15, 2024

Gladiator II: Fans don’t like “No Church In The Wild” trailer music and why that doesn’t make sense

The Gladiator II trailer dropped this week, and while many fans are excited at the possibility of revisiting the story told to us a quarter of a century ago, that won Best Picture. And others are ecstatic that two time Oscar winner, Denzel Washington, one of the greatest actors of our generation is in a starring role, there are still some critics.

Because they don’t like the music.

“No Church In The Wild” from Jay Z and Kanye West can be heard later in the spot. The song is actually over a decade old but it doesn’t matter because critics say it doesn’t flow with the theme of ancient Rome.

Here is why their concerns don’t make sense:

It’s marketing music and unlikely to appear in the film:I would like to be in the editing room when original Gladiator director and strict traditionalist, Ridley Scott says “Hey! You know what would be a great addition to the sequel to my Best Picture? No Church In The Wild.”

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The first Gladiator film used “Bawitaba” by Kid Rock for it’s marketing: And it was one of the more popular movie commercials of it’s time. It also did not appear in the movie. Heck, the movie “Take Me Home Tonight” was named after the song, which was in the commercials and didn’t include the Eddie Money track in the film.

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This isn’t the first time “No Church In The Wild” has been used in a big movie: It was actually used in The Great Gatsby remake of 2013. And then only the beat was prominent in a film that treated it’s music like it’s pulse.

If anyone tells you they’re discounting “Gladiator II” because of one song that appears in the first trailer, then remind them of these points. It’s going to be more loyal to the first film then they think.

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