July 24, 2024

The Bachelorette: Brett wins crowd over before early exit

Every season on The Bachelorette, there is a guy who shows up in the first episode, and you know he doesn’t have the final rose energy that showrunners demand, but he says the right things, behaves like a gentlemen and wins over the viewers, before his eventual early exit.

On the 21st season of the show, as Jenn Tran began her journey to meet her husband, it was Brett, a health and safety manager from Pennsylvania who would be the Mr. Congeniality of the premiere.

He had Luke Combs energy, a big smile, and won us over with some kind words and some splits on the dance floor.

Brett did not get a rose last night. But social media sure would have wanted him to get one.

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It might have been too brief of a stay. A couple of weeks more and we might have had some Bachelor in Paradise eligibility. I would have wanted to learn more about him.

What did you think of Brett last night? Let me know in the comments.

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