July 15, 2024

The Bachelorette: Let’s talk about that carjacking on the Jenn premiere

You can watch The Bachelor franchise and see a lot of different things. Some of them almost feel surreal as you observe how far these contestants will go to win the heart of the The Bachelor, or in the case we’re about to talk about, Jenn Tran, our latest Bachelorette.

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On the season 21 premiere, Jeremy decided he wanted to roll up to Jenn during the walk ups in a Corvette. A gorgeous automobile that had all of the guys talking, and made him hard to forget in the eyes of Jen with 24 other guys out there.

When he got some one on one time, he walked her out to the car. And they began to talk.

Then the unthinkable happened.

A car jacking

A Bachelorette jacking

A Jenn jacking.

Brian walked out to the couple, who was seated in the car and preparing to go for a drive, and demanded time with Jenn.

Okay. We see that every episode.

But he wanted the car too. He wanted to keep the key.

And it worked. He took Jenn. He took the car. It was some real 80s villain craziness.

There is no way someone could let that happen. It was a manhood fail.

Want to spend time with the girl? Okay. It’s The Bachelorette.

But you’re not taking my Corvette. That belongs to me. And if you’re not going to give me back my keys, I’m taking them back.

Go borrow some balloons from that other dude and fly into space. You’re not taking my car.

Both Brian and Jeremy managed to get a rose. Somehow.

But goodness, that should have charged up everyone watching that whole scenario unfold.

You can watch the scene below..

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