July 15, 2024

My Lady Jane: Why Jane couldn’t cure Guildford

If you’re here, then you’ve been enjoying My Lady Jane on Prime Video which dropped this month. What a coincidence! Me too.

But more importantly, you’re here for answers. That being, was Jane able to cure her husband, Guildford, an ethianite who changes into a horse against his will at daylight?

The answer is no. Because later we discover that there is no cure. Let me explain.

Jane learns this from her ethianite allies, who tell her this, while they’re also trying to free England from Mary after she successfully leads a coup against Mary.

But it’s a good thing for Mary and Guildford that they didn’t discover the cure because it’s the reason they’re still alive at the end of season one.

Right before she is executed, Jane is rescued by Susannah and the Ethianites before she runs to Guildford, who is on the verge of being burned alive in his own execution. Guildford then learns to control his power and turns into a horse, and carries his wife to freedom.

The two discuss potentially leaving England but ultimately deciding to stay and attempt to rescue their families, who are still living under the rule of Mary the tyrant.

There is a lesson to be learned in all this on a very “back to school special” level. Guildford learns to control his power and use it as a strength, just like the rest of the Ethianites, without changing who he really is. The show frequently promotes this narrative during it’s freshman campaign.

Let’s hope we see a second season to watch Jane and Guildford take the kingdom back.

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