July 15, 2024

The Acolyte: Confusion over whether Indara willingly killed those witches

One of the most exciting and pivotal moments of the latest episode of The Acolyte has to do with Jedi Master Indara, a coven of force witches, and a brainwashed Wookie. And there is a lot of speculation and mostly confusion over what we saw take place in the devastating flashback episode.

In episode seven titled “Choice” we see in the final battle scene, complete chaos as the Jedi try to take Osha from the coven of witches after mistakenly killing her mom. The witches take over the mind of Kelnacca the wookie and make him fight Sol and Torbin. Kelnacca commences dominating them in their battle.

Then Jedi Master Indara swoops in and brings Kelnacca to his senses, but in doing so renders the coven of force witches doing their hex unconscious.

We know they’re dead.

What we don’t know is whether it was the fire started by Mae that killed them, or if it was Indara’s own force power that killed them.

There is plenty of speculation but nothing to confirm it.

The reason why this is important is because of Indara’s own judgement in releasing Kelnacca.

It doesn’t seem that she would use her force powers that way if she knew it would kill an entire coven of witches. She may have tried to otherwise incapacitate Kelnacca if that were the case.

We know that there are no clean in hands in this entire messed up sequence of events, but the single action in the fight that took the lives of the most people opens itself up to a lot of questions.

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