July 23, 2024

The Boys: Who Sage may be telling Homelander he can’t defeat

“Fine. Surround yourself with people like her. And you can systematically eliminate anyone who gets in your way, but there is one person you will never ever defeat. Good luck without me.”

This is what Sister Sage tells Homelander after being fired in episode seven of season four of “The Boys” before slamming what looks like a Queen Maeve diary on the conference table and walking out.

Who was she talking about? Who is this person that Homelander can’t defeat? Is the identity of that person in the diary? We saw her reading it with Tek Knight a couple of weeks back. Who could this mystery person be?

Let’s look at some potential heroes that could defeat Homelander:

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Ryan: This is the short path to a likely answer. Perhaps this works in generations. It’s possible Homelander doesn’t love Ryan but believes him to be stronger.

Soldier Boy: It could work the other way around. We know that he can go toe to toe with Homelander. He’s on ice now, but the fans are demanding a return.

Starlight: Yeah, Annie isn’t doing much right now. She got abducted by a shapeshifter. But she’s the day one protagonist. What if she rediscovers her powers by breaking those chains and doesn’t look back?

A-Train: He took out The Deep with little effort. Seriously, didn’t we believe that was supposed to be a tougher fight? He may be on the run now, but maybe he’s the one who’s mean to be the real hero.

Queen Maeve: It’s a Maeve diary. And I believe that both Homelander and Ashley know that she’s hiding. Yeah, he took her eye but she was giving him all he could handle. How long until she comes back?

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