July 15, 2024

The Boys: Yeah, Sage was sleeping with Black Noir too

Episode seven of season four of The Boys titled “The Insider” was an action packed episode, that forwarded the story of The Boys developing a virus to kill Homelander before he can enslave mankind and send them to camps.

But there was also a lot of soap opera romance too.

In addition to The Deep breaking up (and possibly killing) his octopus girlfriend, we learn that his other romantic interest, Sister Sage may have also been hooking up with the new Black Noir.

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After The Deep and Black Noir get their rears handed to them at the hands of “The Boys”, Homelander fires Sister Sage. As she’s walking out, she delivers the news to an ailing Noir and Deep.

“Wait, but you can’t leave. I love you.” we hear Noir say (his talking is still a funny recurring joke at this point). “We have something special. Don’t we?”

“Wait, she was lobotomizing herself to f*** you too.” The Deep asks.

“What do you mean lobotomizing herself” Noir says. And if you’re like me, you were laughing the entire time.

Indeed, you’ll recall the smartest person on earth, having to damage her brain and dumb herself down to sleep with people like The Deep and the narcoleptic Black Noir. In fact, earlier in the episode, she sends a text message to Deep saying “Tough day. Stab my brain, stab my a** later?”

And we haven’t even touched on the fact that Hughie hooked up with a shapeshifting Starlight this week.

It may have been a Christmas episode, but there was romance everywhere during this episode.

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