Dexter New Blood: Are you prepared for him to possibly die?

The ending to Dexter the original series, is widely regarded as one of the worst conclusions to a popular TV show ever. Right up there with The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, and Lost. And then, possibly even worse so.

But unlike Tony and Jon Snow, Dexter has received another opportunity to get it right. And “New Blood”, for all of its ups and downs, has set up a fairly intriguing finale for its second go-around.

The trailer for the finale, shows his detective girlfriend realizing someone torched his house, followed by him running from something, and taking what appears to be mugshots (story HERE).

Let’s be real. They could catch him. And they could kill him. Are you okay with that?

A lot of fans had an ending in mind. They wanted Dexter strapped to a gurney. Looking out to the gallery seconds before being put to death for his crimes, and seeing all of the dead people effected by his life standing there watching it happen. And then…credits.

It’s going back to the philosophy of attacking what Dexter really is. A killer. A vigilante. A sick man.

But I don’t think the audience could deal with that ending. They don’t really want that ending. They just think they do.

I am convinced that we’re heading towards Harrison spin-off territory. A college story where he’s fighting his own dark passenger. This will allow the money to keep flowing for Showtime, while fans can continue enjoying the mythology.

First things fist. We need an ending to Dexter’s story. And I’m not sure we’re finally going to get a conclusion that will please everyone.

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