Peacemaker: The truth about Batman and daddy issues (Spoilers)

Warning! The following contains hard spoilers about the most recent episode of Peacemaker.

If you’re a comic book person, you’re either a Spiderman/Batman person or you’re a Punisher/Peacemaker person. That is you either believe in killing the bad guys or you don’t.

And Peacemaker laid out a really hard truth on the lawn to that old man about Batman. Sorry (not sorry). We got heroes letting the bad guys go on to kill another day.

Anyways, Peacemaker and the gang were back for the fourth episode tonight and it was excellent. And the Smith’s were dealing with some family drama while the rest of the team had issues just keeping everything together.

Poor Vigilante may never walk again (properly) after getting this toe cut off and he was also trying to find his role with the team. He ended up throwing himself in jail to try and help Chris by getting close to his dad, only to get tossed back out.

But let’s talk about the story. Are the Butterflies good? Its uncertain right now. We had Judomaster shouting that they weren’t what they appeared. Then he took one to the chest from Adebayo which put him out for the rest of the episode.

How about that ace medical advice from Peacemaker though? I didn’t know the kidney could do that!

But let’s talk about that final shot. Clemson is with the butterflies.

And I don’t think he’s the only one either. But if they’re good, does it matter? We don’t even know who the bad guy is yet.

I’m having a great time though. I’ll see you next week!

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