Alaska Daily: The show makes reporters look like community bullies

We’re back for the second episode of Alaska Daily starring Hilary Swank and after a lackluster pilot, the second episode wouldn’t get us much further.

We actually started with a laugh, with Eileen jogging upon a huge moose. It was the first laugh of the entire series. Thank goodness. We have a two time Oscar winner in the hangar and we’re not letting her fly.

We also had dueling plots with the main storyline of Eileen digging into the deaths of women in the area, as well as the controversial sale of a beloved local restaurant, which Claire took on.

The same problems from the pilot followed us this week. They can’t nail the tone of working journalists correctly. Twice in less than five minutes, it felt like the reporters were extorting government workers. Now, we understand that there are entities that don’t want bad stories to get out. That’s very real. But the acting and tone here makes the good guys feel like the bad guys. Its a problem.

They’re getting the industry challenges right. Bad Publishers. Money. Overreaching outside interests. That’s right. But reporters aren’t cops. And they should really research what a PIO is, as well as how boring municipal meetings actually are, instead of the one they had involving Rita’s this episode. It’s not prime time TV friendly, but at this point, Alaska Daily is a boring version of Grey’s Anatomy with reporters.

Anyways, we didn’t cover much new ground with the murder, and Rita set the fire herself because she didn’t like her customers arguing over cable television news. She could have just changed the channel and saved everyone a lot of trouble.

Two weeks in and still not enjoying this show. I can understand what they’re trying to do. But, just let Hilary Swank act and decide whether you want this show to be a statement on printed journalism, or an ABC drama.

Because trying to do both right now isn’t working.

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