July 25, 2024

Fire Country: “Permission to pick up a chainsaw”

Firecountry was back on CBS tonight, and after what was a well received premiere, both critically and in the ratings, we were all curious to see where the pulse would land on the second episode, and if there would be any drop off.

We started off with a flashback to Riley’s birthday, where we observe the breakup between her and Jake. This was followed to the accident with Bode, and where the drama takes us now.

When we returned to the present we watched his parents argued over whether he should stay in Edgewater after his heroics from last week or if he should get a transfer.

Finally, it was time for the CGI fires. And while last week’s visuals may have saved the episode, this week’s looked a little more like what we can expect on a regular basis. Which is unrealistic. That lightning strike in front of the chain gang should have been cool, but it just looked like a computer created spectacle. A video game cut scene.

There was also a fun moment where the characters decided a group of school children should hang out with “Firefighting Con Air”.

But then the fire “jumped” to the building. and the cons started having this long philosophical conversation over who should take the bus to safety. As if it had to be a question. But hey, its a CBS drama.

However, Zeus chose to remain cruel this episode, and shot another lightning bolt at the vehicle full of kids. I don’t know, maybe he thought the cons were on it.

Then the fire “jumped” again and the problem returned. We then had Vince arrived and ensure Bode wouldn’t be getting a date with Gabriella, halting their fire fighting flirting endeavors.

Anyways, after all of the fires, we came back to the decision whether to move Bode or not. Sharon revealed she was sick and wanted her son nearby, which actually hit the right emotional cord that was missing the entire episode. The “Fresh Prince of Edgewater” would end up staying.

And Jake got closer to Gabriella, which rewards a character who was proven to be a cheater earlier in the show.

“Fire Country” moved into humorous 90s B-movie territory this week. But it wasn’t boring. You can’t possibly say that.

Anyways, I’ll be back next week. Either to be amazed or to be amused. I’ll be ready for either one.

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