SNL: Megan Thee Stallion wills mediocre writing into being funny

SNL was new again this week, and we had Megan Thee Stallion pulling double duty in a show a lot of people were looking forward to.

We started off with a cold open focusing on the January 6th hearings and it was okay. I thought Heidi Gardner as Liz Cheney and Chloe Fineman as Nancy Pelosi were good. Nothing we’ll be talking about years from now though.

Megan Thee Stallion took the stage for her monologue and she won it with high energy and a positive message, along with a plug for her website for those seeking help with mental health at the address , yes it was a punchline but it also does have legitimate resources listed there.


Next we had Hot Girl Hospital and it was amusing. Great job by Megan after not missing a step after losing that earring. And thank you to Hot Girl Hospital founder, Draymond Green.

Good job by MTS, Ego Nwodim and Bowen Yang for willing that “We Got Brought” video into holding our attention. It wouldn’t have been that good without the trio carrying it.

Shame on me for laughing at that deer sketch but when it pulled out a knife, I had to smile.

Then we had “Girl Talk” with Nwodim and her guests who just said “girl” back and forth to each other. It didn’t get any laughs out of me, but did make me miss the Dionne Warwick skits.

Damn, I really enjoy Please Don’t Destroy. These guys can’t miss. Another winning video.

And both of Megan’s musical performances were good. She puts on a heck of a show. Even if the genre isn’t your cup of tea, . But that should be no surprise to anyone.


Weekend Update was a winner tonight. This is because Che and Jost are cutting us with quick jokes that are funny. The two Texas Moms were great and the new castmember parade continued with Devon Walker, who may have ticked off the crowd by saying New York is ovverated, whether he was joking or not. Still a good update for a Weekend Update that was unwatchable for years.

Tonight was bearable because the cast elevated what were some pretty lukewarm jokes and dragged them across the finish line. Still, a good time though.

We’re taking a week off before Jack Harlow arrives to do double duty. This is a really important show for Harlow as he tries to jump on to the movie A-list with the upcoming “White Men Can’t Jump” reboot.

See you then.

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