East New York: Taking down a 3D gun printing op makes for good TV

Round three of East New York aired over the weekend, and before we get to the review, some good ratings news as the show increased numbers and continues to benefit from that Equalizer lead-in.

The show started off pretty well this week, with a drive by shooting that looked really good on camera. When Rita arrived, a group of guys went all medieval siege on our protagonist by throwing rocks off the roof of their apartment building. One almost killed Regina and she wasn’t having it and charged said roof. Cool start to the show.

Tommy’s restaurant side story came back when his wife decided to hire a chef who he previously locked up. The conversation didn’t go well from there.

We also had some good police TV this week. The apartment search was neat and well done. And 3D printed guns and gun parts are something that’s actually happening out there.

Anyways, Tommy came to terms with the shady cook. And the team was able to take down the gun manufacturing operation (after a shootout), which brought the Deputy Mayor in for a photo op and backroom politics.

Amanda Warren got to continue her strong work, when she confronted that teen that almost killed her with a rock off the roof.

This was the best episode of the season so far. The show had been dragging the first two weeks, it picked up a little bit of a stride this time.

I’ll see you next week. And if these numbers continue, then we could see our numbers grow as more viewers take interest.

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