Creed III: Jonthan Majors gives us “Tommy Gunn” vibes in the trailer

The first two Creed movies were superb. I’m looking forward to the third film.

And that is especially true after watching the first trailer which dropped today.

We know franchise star, Michael B. Jordan is talented. We know Jonathan Majors is also talented, as we anxiously await his complete immersion into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But in the preview, Majors plays Damien. A childhood friend of Creed’s who comes back, gets taken under our title character’s wing, and apparently evolves into a flammable agent which Creed will ultimately have to destroy.

It feels like Tommy Gunn in Rocky V.

You’ll recall Tommy Morrison, son of John Wayne, and a real boxing champion, becoming Rocky Balboa’s protege, only to become corrupted by success and get into a street fight with Rocky after he took him off the street.

I’m getting those same vibes here .

And while Rocky V is generally regarded as the worst of the Rocky films, history has been forgiving to its legacy, especially after tragically losing some members of the cast, including Morrison.

We will be seated though as Jordan brings this trilogy in for what will hopefully be a terrific landing.

You can watch the trailer below.

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