Quantum Leap: Maybe Sam, maybe an evil leaper, enters the wild west chat

Quantum Leap was back tonight, and the season is kicking it into high gear, with Ben leaping back to the old west, after remembering Addison, as well as Janis rattling around in the system, making things even more dangerous.

Meet Diego De La Cruz, a gunslinger in 1879, charged with saving a town and the latest person for Ben to leap into. This, as a Congresswoman Adani, who sits on the project oversight committee, decides to go snooping around the site (writers, members of congress are seldom just hanging around alone, at least get her an aide).

Ben was also having problems overcoming his pacifistic views (strange considering he was just a boxing champion) but did lead to some sweet scenes between Ben and Addison.

I’m also convinced after watching Addison teach Ben how to box and shoot, that this season would already be on episode 12, by now with each leap last about 15 minutes if someone who knows what they’re doing were actually leaping.

Anyways, with the help of the townspeople and some terrible looking CGI fire, Ben was able to trap the outlaws instead of dueling their leader to the death, and save the town.

Back in modern times, Adani tried to shut down Quantum Leap, but Magic was able to convinced her that her dead brother could be brought back through leaping (not true, yet).

But let’s talk about that ending.

The townsperson who confronts Ben with his real name commands him to stop following him.

Many online say its an evil leaper. That could be.

It could also be Janis.

But it could also be Sam Beckett telling Ben to just go home.

The truth is that we don’t get enough information to construct a more informed theory.

Still, we’re on board to see what happens next. Seen you next leap!

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