Game of Thrones: Social media gets angry after Sansa Stark is lumped in with villains

Game of Thrones made a return to the top of the trends on Wednesday afternoon, after a tweet lumped series protagonist, Sansa Stark, in with some of the most notorious villains of the show.

The tweet by @DaneArtist had a four box that grouped Sansa in with King Joffrey, Ramsay Bolton and Aegon from House of the Dragon.

If you’ve never seen GOT, Joffrey abuses Sansa and kills her dad and Ramsay actually rapes her, in one of the most disturbing scenes of the series.

While Sansa takes a sour turn at the beginning of the last season, she ultimately teams with her siblings to save Westeros while she takes control of the north.

Let’s go to some of the reactions..

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