The Mighty Ducks Game Changers: “Money Hockey” reveals true underdog nature of franchise

And we’re back with the fourth episode of Mighty Ducks: Gamechangers here in its sophomore season, and Alex was trying to figure out what to do now that she’s been drafted into being a coach at EPIC, and now must select players of her own.

And her son, Evan, doesn’t want to be picked by his mom. That’s how we started things out this week.

When the order came out, Coach Cole was first and of course, Alex was last.

But then we got some “Moneyball” or “Moneyhockey” with Nick telling Alex that his “analytics” could help the team win, despite drafting last. We also had the gang trying to keep Evan and Sophie, together while the camp drags them apart.

This lead to Alex doing favors for her rival coaches and Evan and Sophie sneaking out. Alex would hustle away the top pick while the latter couple, couldn’t have fun with hockey ruling Evan’s mindset.

And with the first pick in the draft, Alex selected…

Nick Ganz?!

While possibly the best character on the show, he’s the worst player in camp. Let me break here.

This is what the Mighty Ducks are all about. This surprised me but the show has demonstrated this ability to tap into the underdog spirit that made the franchise successful for 30 years now.

And they hit that cord again when Coach Cole’s son told him not to draft him. Lauren Graham was fun here and of course her team will be playing as The Might Ducks.

We also end up with Chase Cole playing for Alex, and Evan playing for Coach Cole. This lead to an dramatic talk between Alex and Cole setting the stage for an EPIC…tournament (no apologies).

This is turning out to be a cool little season. I’m enjoying the show. Let’s stick with it and see where it goes.

See you next week!

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