“Mama’s Boy” documentary is a salute to strong moms that many will identify with

While Mama’s Boy, the new documentary on HBO, chronicles the tough but ultimately prosperous life of Anne Bisch, mother of Academy Award winning screen writer Dustin Lance Black, the children of single mothers everywhere will find something to connect to, in what is a sweet love letter to those doing the jobs of both parents everywhere.

Roseanne or Anne, had to overcome a crippling polio diagnosis, life threatening pregnancies, and multiple abusive relationships to try and raise her kids.

The documentary is fueled by passionate narration by Dustin Lance Black, as he not only speaks from the heart, but also delivers with a cadence that allows us to feel what he’s feeling. There are also some terrific photographs which are presented very well by director, Laurent Bouzreau.

Mama’s Boy also examines the LGBTQ community of the 90s, as the “Milk” scribe also tells us how his relationship with his mom suffered after she discovered his sexuality before accepting who he was and supporting him even further.

There is really not a lot to dislike about “Mama’s Boy” but you might not connect with it the way a lot of others might. If you grew up with a single mom, then many of these challenges may resonate with you. If not, I still believe that the kind tone of the documentary could still warrant a look.

I recommend Mama’s Boy and I hope HBO features it on Mother’s Day as well.

Mama’s Boy

GRADE: (I’ve decided to give this documentary a positive recommendation instead of a grade)

Rated: NA

Running Time: 1 hour and 42 minutes

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