Tulsa King: “We’re in Tulsa, how about something a little more modern?”

First off, congratulations on renewal, Tulsa King. You certainly deserve it. Can’t wait to see where this journey is going.

We began with Dwight confronting Armand in his own kitchen demanding answers. The pouring coffee at gunpoint was mighty cold, and the never mowing a lawn line was another nice touch. Anyways, he makes Armand start kicking him up $300 every week and helping him grow his operation.

The gym and tailor sequences are more Grand Theft Auto world building with Dwight and I love it.

Tyson also had another tough conversation with his dad about working for Dwight. Stacy also met some guy at the bar named Colton as she tried to rebound from her mobster lover. Normally, I dismiss these subplots as filler but we need some more characters to follow around and the acting here is good.

Then we had a good ole fashion turf war with Dwight’s guys getting pushed while selling laughing gas balloons. We got to meet our first real big bad, an Irish leader of the biker gang, Black McAdam, with an instigating side kick. They would return and beat up Tyson and Bodhi.

It was time to regroup though. And Dwight rallied the troops (and Armand). This gave us a great scene between Dwight and Tyson’s dad, Mark. And Mark would end up joining the retaliation. And with the help of a couple of baseball bats and “War” providing the soundtrack for the fight (and Stacy fooling around with that Colton guy) our heroes (?) were successful.

We got more of this redemption arc with Dwight and his family when he called his sister and later when talking to his dying family member. This allows Stallone to act and that’s a good thing because even after all of this time, Stallone is an underrated actor.

The show would end on a high note with Armand taking revenge against his neighbor, who refused to keep his dog from crapping on his lawn. Dwight and Tyson would then ride off as the credits rolled.

Just a fantastic time. Some good old fashion drama and action. It’s nice to see we’re still capable of making this kind of TV.

It looks like we’re going back to New York next week. And you know I’ll be there. Can’t wait!

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