Disney, Hulu, ESPN Plus, bundle no longer good deal after latest price hike

The mouse got greedy. And when the mouse gets greedy it costs us money.

What I’m talking about is the most recent price increase of the Disney Hulu ESPN Plus bundle. The latest hike pushes the total to about $16 a month after taxes.

And it also ruins what was previously considered to be the best deal in streaming. I used to recommend it to people. It was essentially three streaming services for the price of 2.

That’s not the case anymore. Now, its three streaming services for the price of three streaming services and change.

And the content provided on those three services have been waning.

Disney has numbed us with Marvel and Star Wars content. When a film dropped from one of the legendary franchises, it used to mean something. Now it happens every month, and fatigue is indeed setting in. They even baited us with Andor, only to show some of the episodes on free TV a couple of weeks later.

Hulu is still a pretty good service. I won’t dump on it too hard here. Its archive is impressive.

But ESPN Plus is pretty much worthless. Listen, I love some of the content, but this is dragging the entire package down. Extra sports programming doesn’t necessarily fit in all of our schedules and you can argue that Paramount Plus or Peacock actually have better sports streaming options.

As a bundle it shouldn’t exceed $13-$14 dollars, otherwise it defeats the entire purpose.

Now, you can customize the bundle and I’ll end up having to do this. But it still doesn’t shake the bottom line price. The savings aren’t there.

Unlike NetFlix and the other streamers, Disney is protected by its family content. Parents won’t cut off Disney Plus because the kids will revolt. They probably know this.

But this latest price increase rattles subscribers regardless. And the Disney, Hulu, ESPN Plus bundle is no longer a good deal.

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