July 24, 2024

Will Trent: Yeah, I want Will and Ava together for a stint

We had some character progression this week on Will Trent, and we saw the show improve before our eyes.

One of my concerns was the strength of the show whenever the title character wasn’t on screen, but as this young program continues its run, we’re even seeing some pods develop among other characters.

Let’s start with Trent and pivot off of him.

I’m enjoying this conflict with Angie. Happy couples are boring. Happy couples make me not care about what happens to the members of that happy party. I like that Will and Angie can still be romantic while struggling to stay apart.

And this could even include bringing back the Ava (Julia Chan) character for a bit. I wouldn’t mind a love triangle here. I get a Batman and Catwoman vibe from them and if this show is as successful as we hope, then why not?

Getting back to those pods, the Angie and Ormewood pairing is starting to grow on me. Having Ormewood’s wife scare Angie (and really the entire audience) with her revelation that she was aware that the two had a fling, really spiced things up here. And Ormewood is a good rouge character to offset Will’s more methodical approach.

We’re also seeing growth in the Will and Faith department as they’re starting to become more of a capable team. I enjoyed their song debate this week and would like to see some more of that intertwined with the occasional argument.

Will Trent is showing us that each character is capable of giving us more. That’s how good shows grow.

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