Not Dead Yet: How “Not Dating Yet” won me over in the last minute of the show

Wow. I was getting ready to completely dismiss this week’s episode of “Not Dead Yet” as the first dud of the promising young series. Then we had the big reveal at the end. And it hooked me.

If we’re being honest “Not Dating Yet” was a rom-com abomination. I don’t care enough about Nell yet to wonder why she’s single. I want to stick with this really fun gimmick of her obituary subjects haunting her while she’s working. I actually thought the math genius was interesting.

The dating cliches this week were painful. I thought the bro-mance angle was more intriguing. The overbearing parent. The old guy. They all missed with me. I was watching the show stone-faced and just wanting it to be over.

Then they started playing “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel and I thought “What a waste of a good song over this non romantic junk”, as Nell finally found some chemistry in a wine bar with some guy. The show literally had a montage and I was not feeling it at all.

Then Nell and her new romantic interest took a selfie.

And it turns out he’s a ghost. Likely the next subject of her obituary.

Really, I was disappointed in myself. I should have seen it coming. But they got me. I had to be honest.

And instead of writing a scorch the earth review of this show, I’m praising it. You can never write off a story until you’ve heard all of it.

“Not Dead Yet” is still four for four. And that’s because it continues to pull off its creativity without abandoning the most fascinating part of the show.

I’ll see you next time.

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