Quantum Leap: Portland restaurant leap is a sweet but filler episode

Thank goodness, we know that we’re already getting another season of Quantum Leap. I would be concerned about the lack of movement forward after this week’s new episode. And after NBC pulled this episode from last week’s schedule (story HERE), we had some ground to make up.

But, while “Family Style”, which saw Ben jump into the body of a daughter fighting to keep her family restaurant alive, was really enjoyable, it didn’t give us much background after the Ian leaper reveal.

Let’s start with the good. We got another modern leap, and Ben trying to get the restaurant on GroupOn in 2009 in a fun moment. There were also the overarching parallels with Ben’s story and how he lost his own mom. This was a throwback to the leaps of the original show, which focused on the actual experience of living someone else’s life. It was cool.

Then there was the not so good. The show continues to drag whenever Ben and Addison aren’t on screen. We learned that it was future Ian that leaped to try to prevent some kind of tragedy that will occur. That was it. Not the best stuff.

Next week, it looks like Ben will be on warship. Is that Pearl Harbor? We’re also apparently getting Brandon Routh aka Superman doing a guest appearance next week. Hopefully, he’ll have something cool to do.

So, “Family Style” was fine. And it’s great to have new episodes. Let’s see where they continue to take us.

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