Abbott Elementary: Janine is right, she shouldn’t be with Gregory unless they’re ready

Think of something you’re not good at. I’ll go first. Math.

Never been good at math. Struggled with it in school back then, and to this day.

That’s why I’m not a mathematician or an engineer.

Which is why I might be one of the few people who are okay with Janine and Gregory not coming together during the Abbott Elementary season 2 finale that aired this week.

The two had a conversation about a potential relationship during an overnight field trip at a science museum. Ironically, the talk took place in front of a giant heart.

They both decided that they shouldn’t be together. It was motivated by the fear of hurting one another.

That is noble. There is nothing wrong with that.

One. Happy couples make for bad television. I say it on this blog every week.

Two. Why would you begin something knowing you’re not in the place to do it right, hence risk hurting someone you really care for?

The common judgement for a decision like that is selfishness. Janine mentions it during her closing confessional. Quinta Brunson, remains of the best writers doing it right now.

But its also often done because you know the damage rushing into something like that causes. Jacob says there could be good stuff on the other side. My boy, Jacob isn’t weighing the risk properly.

I hope the endgame for Janine and Gregory comes near the end of the series. And I don’t want fireworks, or starlight, or none of that stuff.

I want a subtle acknowledgement that they’re ready to find a future together. That’s a romantic win for me.

Abbott Elementary showed no signs of slowing down in its second season. Twenty two episodes is no easy feat. I miss our favorite faculty already.

See you in the fall!

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