Ted Lasso: “Every little thing is gonna be alright”

Boy, did we need that.

The first part of this final season of Ted Lasso has been emotionally bruising. We lost to Nate, and the team can’t win a game. There was the Zava fiasco. Ted’s ex wife is dating their marriage therapist while his son is becoming a bully. And Rebecca wants a family while her ungrateful ex is cheating on the one he built after he left her.

It was indeed time for an odyssey episode. We had one last season with Coach Beard and it was an excellent football palate cleanser.

This season we had Amsterdam. And in an episode that aired on the eve of 420, where we had jazz, pillow fights, drugs (?) and hallucinations. But mostly, it was just a chance for the team to find themselves and get back on the right track.

Before I forget, the “pineapple percussion” aka Dole-Drums line was writing brilliance.

It was great watching Ted travel to a museum and an “American” restaurant (I’ve been to one of those in Europe, they really are a trip on their own) where he watched a 32 year old basketball game and ate freedom fries, while discovering the offense that may save his job.

As was watching Jamie teach Roy how to ride a bike against the nightscape of Amersterdam, while the team ultimately decided to stay in and have a pillow fight after they reached an impasse on their evening’s plans. Even Leslie playing the bass at a jazz club was a good time.

But Rebecca probably needed the escape the most. And the stranger on the house boat probably re inspired her to move forward. We all need an experience like that.

We all need an “odyssey” episode from time to time. Back to business next week.

I’ll see you then.

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